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Julian	 BeesleyJulian Beesley

Julian Beesley lives in Cornwall and specialises as a watercolour artist, studying the local Cornish landscape. In 1998 he won the prestigious Best Watercolourist prize in the Artists in Cornwall competition.

Julian's versatility and creativity show through in his illustration of Ben Gavan's breakout novel The Perilous Postman. Julian enjoys painting in watercolour for its 'natural simplicity and surprising vesatility'. His work consists mainly of landscape-related views of Cornwall 'where land meets the sea', but when Ben asked him for a scratchy pen and ink with watercolour style, Julian created something that was a far cry from realistic coasline...
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Allan	 BottAllan Bott

Allan Bott is a keen author at the ripe old age of 27, residing in the 'sunny' town of Swindon, England. His debut novel James Knight and the Orb of Ziarn is a roller coaster journey of magic, mystery and treachery involving big flashy airships and colourful characters!
Allan is a huge 'geek' or as the Japanese would say, an 'Otaku'. He is heavily interested in Anime and Manga and all sorts of video games. In his spare time, when he's not playing with miniature steam trains, you can usually find him sucked into an MMORPG...
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Mark	 BoydeMark Boyde

Mark was born in Belfast and moved to Scotland in his early teens. After being invalided out of the Royal Navy, he returned to Edinburgh and studied at Napier University, graduating in 1990 and entering the world of telecoms. Having written as a hobby from the age of 17, in 2009, Mark became a full time writer. His first novel, a fantasy adventure called "The Hagen's Quest" will be published in 2013. To assist in raising funds for struggling UK based children's charities, Mark created the concept for a set of six children's books, e-books and...
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Santa	 ClausSanta Claus

Born in 1820, Santa Claus is far and away the oldest of the Ghostly Publishing authors, but also one of the most connected with his target audience. During his younger days, he was a skilled toy-maker and he continues this hobby today. Every year he hand-delivers over two billion toys to boys and girls around the world on Christmas Eve night. He now resides in Lapland with his wife, a large herd of reindeer and a considerable number of elves.

Santa likes to write non-fiction about his life in the North Pole and uses his considerable free time...
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Ben	 GavanBen Gavan

Ben Gavan is a 37 year old writer who enjoys creating fabulous fictitious fun from his writing desk at his home on Dartmoor. His characters come from a mind raised on a surreal diet of Peter Cook and Roald Dahl , and he is never happier then when creating new stories and watching them take shape on the written page. His stories are to be enjoyed by anybody from 8 to 80, and he wishes to reach as many people possible through the magic of storytelling. When not writing Ben can found organising events for charities and being a creative...
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Tony	 GilbertTony Gilbert

Contrary to popular belief, Tony was born in a scenic little village and brought up by very, very normal parents. He had two fairly normal brothers, a basic orange goldfish and a completely normal life. He was sent to a slightly better than average school and had 'mostly' normal friends.
When he turned sixteen, however, things began to change. You see, on his sixteenth birthday at exactly 12:03am a small blue extra-terrestrial, known as a Vonsillion, came through the window of his minimalist bedroom and prodded him with a short but rather sharp, stick. On waking, Tony was told...
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Hannah	 HeptonHannah Hepton

Hannah Hepton was born in Exeter in 1980 and has lived a studied in Plymouth since 1981. Hannah has always been passionate about the creative arts and studied Art and Sculpture as well as spending most of her teenage years as a dancer competing in national and regional competitions. She holds a BA Hons degree in Media and Public Relations from Exeter University. Since meeting her husband Mark she now lives in Saltash Cornwall with their two little girls Daisy Grace and Isla Rose. Hannah now works as a Primary School Teaching Assistant using Makaton sign language and supporting children...
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Claire	 KintonClaire Kinton

Claire Kinton is an adventurous new author from Lincoln, England. Dead Game, her allegorical debut novel is the first book in 'The Game Trilogy' and with a global, spiritual revolution stirring; her story could not be more apt for our time. It is an epic reflection of our wanting to connect with something bigger than ourselves; a beautiful story entwining patriotic family values and tradition with profound philosophy and spirituality and at the same time is the deepest love story.

Dead Game was shortlisted for the Brit Writers Awards Unpublished 2010 and came...
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Katy	 KrumpKaty Krump

Katy Krump is the author of Blue Dust, a teenaged, romantic sci-fi series for girls. She has spent much of her writing career writing for TV and has adapted one of her novels for TV, with interest from a major international network. She is now planning on adapting her novels for Hollywood. Her first book Blue Dust: Forbidden was released in time for Christmas 2012 and it's sequel Blue Dust: Destiny is set for release in October 2013.
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Sarah	 ManfieldSarah Manfield

Sarah Manfield lives in the South West of England with her family as well as her two naughty and adventurous cats, Kitty and Kat.

Sarah has always read children's stories and enjoyed the exploits she has experienced with Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and J M Barrie amongst her most beloved and inspirational authors.

Sarah's favourite catch phrase is 'I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!'

T-cup and the Dream Team Fairies is Sarah's first book in the T-cup series.
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Diana	 MazuruDiana Mazuru

Diana Mazuru grew up in the dry heat and bitter snows of Romania, the green, wet climate of England and the vastness of America. This multi-cultural backdrop to a childhood spent both scampering outdoors and climbing trees and equally sitting indoors and patiently perfecting her artistic skills has given her a rich and diverse range of experiences from which to draw. Disciplined still life studies at school and constant practice at home through a genuine love of art from a young age plus a basic understanding of engineering have all played a part in informing Diana's approach to image making....
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Stuart	 McGheeStuart McGhee

Stuart has always drawn, ever since he was a small boy, and those early doodles have progressed into something people enjoy. He loves humour and likes to make his images funny. He uses a series of pens to create the picture, before scanning the images into the computer where he digitally colours them in.
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Scott	 McGregorScott McGregor

Scott hails from the west coast seaside town of Largs, where he lives with his son and wife. Having found his passion to draw at an early age, he has continued improving his skills and experimenting with a number of artistic styles and genres, having success in all of them. After graduating from Glasgow's College of Building & Printing Scott worked for the next two years as a professional illustrator, four further years as a 2D Graphic Artist and 12 years as a 3D Modeller. Scott now works from his home in Largs as a full time artist. Scott created...
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Lynn	 McInroyLynn McInroy

Lynn is an engineer who believes in magic.

Her work has not changed her fascination with the supernatural. She has been an avid reader of Fantasy and Science Fiction since her schooldays and has a fascinating collection of books on Magic, Witchcraft and ESP.

About fifteen years ago, she decided to satisfy a long-held wish and start writing fiction. Since then, she has written numerous short stories, one completed novel, The Dragonstone, and three part-novels (one for the National Novel Writing Month in 2011).
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Lynne	 NorthLynne North

Lynne North lives in the north west of England and works as a data analyst for one of the local Health Authorities. She has been a prolific reader all her life, and for many years has spent the majority of her free time writing. As well as being educated up to degree level, she has completed courses and received diplomas from 'The Writing School Ltd' and 'The Academy of Children's Writers'.

Lynne's aim in life has always been to write, and she has had a sideline of freelance writing for more years than she likes to admit to having...
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Leyland	 PerreeLeyland Perree

Leyland Perree was born in Devon, in 1973, where he lives with his wife, son, and far too many animals. His children's books include: Frog on the Log, The Goat That Gloats, and Toad's Road Code. He also writes fiction for grown-ups under the pseudonym, Jon Le Riche. These days, he juggles a career in document design with being an author, husband, and dad -sometimes successfully.
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Rich	 PitmanRich Pitman

Rich is originally from Newport, South Wales. He is the author of the epic children's fantasy series, Jimmy Threepwood, starting with The Veil of Darkness and to be followed by the second book, The Elixir of Light.

Rich lives with his two Burmese cats and beautiful, yet patient wife. He is a qualified teacher who spends all his time reading and thinking of new stories to write.

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Veronica	 RosadoVeronica Rosado

Veronica Rosado was born in Barcelona and she currently resides in a pleasant village in the mountains not far away from the city. She lives with her charismatic first son who's a dodo bird (sounds strange but it's true!). During the day she's an artist and has weird creative ideas, at night she just has weird creative ideas. So... we could either say that she's a weirdo who enjoys art or an artist who enjoys weird things! She likes making people smile and feel good with her creations, this is what she's always pursuing.

Her artistic influences are Tenniel,...
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David	G. SatchellDavid G. Satchell

David has decided age is but a number - a rather big one! He shares his house in the South Hams with a collection of animals, including two rather volatile sons, and a rather lovely wife. He just wishes he could shed skin as easily as the geckos. He loves film, music and TV, and guiltily admits to once appearing on The Generation Game!
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Duncan	 SaundersDuncan Saunders

Duncan Saunders has done many things in his life: As well as being a writer, he has been a teacher, a wrestler, a Church youthworker, a carer, a charity worker and a martial arts instructor. However, his first job was working in a shop and that is what inspired his first book, "Dinosaurs, Aliens and The Shop That Sells Everything."

Duncan lives in the shadow of the Uffington White Horse, sharing his wizardly tower with his long suffering wife, son and cat. He enjoys war games, card games, dice games and board games; if it's a game, there's a...
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Cally	 Starforth HillCally Starforth Hill

Cally Starforth-Hill is a 47-year-old writer and musician. Originally from London, she now lives in Plymouth with her dog, 'Socks'. There are huge chunks of her life that she cannot remember, but she thinks it's probably better that way. She believes the universe came into existence when somebody's great-grandmother dropped a stitch whilst knitting. For that reason, she never took up knitting because it's too risky.
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Lee	 TriggerLee Trigger

Lee Trigger was born in Plymouth in 1983 and has lived and worked in the Isles of Scilly as a rosette chef since 2004, where he spends alot of his spare time fishing, gardening, reading and learning to speak his fiancées mother tongue -Slovakian- so he may understand her family.
Symbology and science have influenced Lee's writing, and come together to combine fantasy with reality. His work is full of analogies and famous quotes, in a world of sorcerers, warlocks and alchemy.
Lee is the author of 'When the woods start to knock', fantasy, epic and first part of The...
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Neil	S. TriggerNeil S. Trigger

Author and publisher, Neil Trigger, lives near Plymouth in the South West of England. His first book, The Weird Case of Mrs Etherington-Strange had nearly 1000 downloads in its first week, spring boarding Ghostly Publishing into mainstream high street retailers. His second novel, The Mobile Monster Zoo led him to make connections with national and international organisations and expand the publishing company. Neil is now working on his fourth novel - The Forest Of The Dreambeast, as well as continuing to work as a publisher.

Neil has also started developing a new line of clothing for Ghostly Publishing and...
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Nathan	 VineyNathan Viney

Nathan Viney is a talented young Cartoon Artist from Perth, Australia. He now resides in West Devon and his special brand of humour has been employed in his regular comic strip; Tomothy and Pals.
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